Product Benefits
* 3 LBS. Powdered liquid spills...We do not ship water
* Oxidation removal...melts away
* Biodegradable...environmentally safe
* Measure and mix as needed to your desired strength....just add water
* Cuts through black streaks quickly...'Black Streak Buster'
* Penetrates and softens bug splatter...essential
* Easier rinsing if drying occurs while washing
* Waterproof plastic container recyclable
* Low sudsing for pressure washers and other washing devices
* Tried and True...field tested for over 30 years
* Genuine satisfaction...guaranteed or money back. Return 2LBs. shipping not included within 45 days.
Direct all inquires to: Jim Mengos,P.O. Box 2351 Orange, CA 92859 (714) 832-0524
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