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thank you If you have purchased our product under any of the following brand names; Kleen Sam Soap, Good Sam® Soap or RV PowerPowder® and would like us to post your comments your encouraged to write us. Thank you for your support!

I have a 42 foot race car trailer that had engine oil spots on the side of it as well as road grime. I tried everything under the sun to get those oil stains off. Nothing worked until I came across RvPowerPowder. This product took off the stains, the black streak marks and I'm looking at a white trailer again. I can regulate the amount of product I need to use and it works every time. I recommend this product highly.

Sandy VanHorn, Harmony, New Jersey

I have a park model RV. I have tried EVERYTHING on the market to get my unit clean. I have tried all the brand names as well as "home remedies." There is absolutely NOTHING that compares to "RvPowerPowder®." My neighbor beside me and I can start washing our units at the same time and I am finished, cleaned up and drinking and iced tea in the lounger before he is halfway finished. And mine is cleaner! My neighbor across the street was struggling to clean their unit and I gave them some of my RvPowerPowder®. I just reordered more for BOTH of us! This stuff is the greatest. I have found nothing that removes the black streaks as good as RvPowerPowder®. It works JUST as good on my awning. I think it's great when you can find a product that works as good as it claims.

It appears a little expensive but one container lasted about 2 years and its worth the time I save in washing." TRY IT! You won't be sorry. Keeip up the good work!

Joe Mengel, Lititz, Pennsylvania

I just ordered with my credit card some RvPowerPowder® from you and live in VA. I spoke to you about how great the product is and how hard it is to get. This stuff is fantastic....to good to be true! but it is. Lasts forever, cleans without removing wax, removes black streaks, and can be made into different concentrations for different tasks and its inexpensive. Why Camping World® carried it then discontinued it, is obvious and just plain wrong.... they apparently think they will not sell enough of it, though there are millions of RV'ers and not make 'them' a large profit!. Campers Choice® had it for years until Camping World® bought them out. So whats the problem? Good thing Jim sells and makes it available to people like me. I guess a product that works good, is cheap and last for a very long time, has multiple uses, is not for Camping World®. Thanks Jim

Roy V. Chesapeake, VA

A friend of mine uses RvPowerPowder and let me use it last year. It worked fantastic! I am ordering two tubs- one for my friend and one for me.I have a 1989 motorhome I can't wait to try it on. Thanks for such a great product!

Pete S., Medford, New Jersey

I am a first time 5th wheeler and did not know to much about RV maintenance. I ordered RV Power Powder because of what it claimed it could do. GUESS WHAT? Not only did it clean the black streaks from the side of the RV, it also worked very well on the awing. This is a tremendous product as far as I am concerned. I will never need to try any other product. Thanks for giving us RV'ers such a great cleaner.

John B, Valparaiso, Indiana

I have been using RVPowerPowder for around 5 years and am very satisfied with the product. It cleans very well and does not leave water spots when dry. I would recommendRVPowerPowder to everyone.

Blaine W., Huron, South Dakota


"I purchased our Nemar Mountain Aire motorhome in March 1999 and was unsure of the products needed to keep it clean and looking like new. One day while on the internet I entered a contest and the prize was some Good Sam Soap®. When I was notified that I had won and would receive the Good Sam Soap, I thought well I guess this will be worth what I paid for it. Boy was I surprised when I used the Good Sam Soap for the first time. Dirt, grime, bugs and black streaks all came off with ease. Good Sam Soap worked so well I even washed my car and van the same day. Since that first use, I have used nothing but Good Sam Soap to keep my RV and other vehicles clean."

Tom Van de Bussche, Taneytown, Maryland

When I first bought my 2001 31.5 ft. Class - C Santara Coachman in the spring of 2002 I have used nothing but your product RvPowerPowder®. I have found no other product to clean the black streaks off and leave a great shine to the RV. I have tried many of the products that say they clean the black streaks but none has cleaned like RVPP. Even the cab itself has cleaned up without a mark and looks like it did when I first bought it. RVPP has a nice lemon smell so while you are out there a couple of hours cleaning the RV its nice to be around. Also that first cleanup after the winter and its real dirty from being covered up 4 to 5 months it comes clean real easy just like washing the car every week. I would use nothing else but RVPP but now it seems to be getting harder to buy thats why I order it direct from you. Hope you never take this great product of the market. Its a pleasure to use it and I tell all my friends that your product cleans so well. Hope this helps you and I will write again if you need more. Please feel free to use my name if you like and I will sing the praise from the roof top of my RV for your product.

Dennis J. Boland, Baltimore, Maryland

"I bought a tub of your Good Sam® Soap late last year direct from you. I have used it only once so far as I have other soap to use up first. I was happy with the way the black marks came off."

Duane Hanson, Portland, Oregon

"Thank you for continuing to market Good Sam® Soap. It is the best RV cleaner I have ever used. What I really like is that it does it all, you don't need a whole box full of different products."

Paul A. Semprich, North Fort Myers, Florida

Just a note thank you for your "Good Sam®" soap. I have owned motorhomes for over 15 years and have not found a product that works as well as your soap does. With very little effort my 5 year old Monaco Dynasty looks as good as the day it left the showroom. "Good Sam Soap" does everthing you claim it does and more.

Sincere thanks,

Clive G. Herman, Laguna Hills, California

Just wanted to let you know I have been using your product RvPowerPowder® for about ten years and I have never had a product that worked so great. Thank you for a great product.

Marshall Mansfield, Lutz, Florida



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